Crazy Horse Memorial

A little about me

I rock

Hi. I’m a piece of rock from Crazy Horse Memorial. I’m using this webpage to tell you a little about myself. This is my first attempt at writing a webpage, so please offer any feedback as gently and constructively as you can. People tend to think that, because rocks are hard, that they don’t have feelings. That’s not true. We have feelings.

This website may be temporary

As this is my first website, it may be gone some day. So, I guess, enjoy it while you can!

Where I’m from

We’ve already established I’m from Crazy Horse Memorial. I am from the Mountain Carving, as you probably already know. This photo was taken the day I was cut from the Mountain.

In fact, I come from on top of Crazy Horse’s Hand.

I was in the dark for eons, surrounded by other granite. During SC786, SC780, SC774, SC768
But we can be more specific.
I am from the top of Crazy Horse’s Hand,
Check out the interactive plot to get a better idea of where I came from